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Privacy Statement

Pursuant to SEC Regulation S-P (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information), the Directors of the SRH Total Return Fund, Inc. (the "Fund") have established the following policy regarding information about the Fund's shareholders. We consider all shareholder data to be private and confidential, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in its safekeeping and use.

General Statement

The Fund may collect nonpublic information (e.g., your name, address, email address, Social Security Number, Fund holdings (collectively, "Personal Information")) about shareholders from transactions in Fund shares. The Fund will not release Personal Information about current or former shareholders (except as permitted by law) unless one of the following conditions is met: (i) we receive your prior written consent; (ii) we believe the recipient to be you or your authorized representative; (iii) to service or support the business functions of the Fund (as explained in more detail below), or (iv) we are required by law to release Personal Information to the recipient. The Fund has not and will not in the future give or sell Personal Information about its current or former shareholders to any company, individual, or group (except as permitted by law) and as otherwise provided in this policy.

In the future, the Fund may make certain electronic services available to its shareholders and may solicit your email address and contact you by email, telephone or US mail regarding the availability of such services. The Fund may also contact shareholders by email, telephone or US mail in connection with these services, such as to confirm enrollment in electronic shareholder communications or to update your Personal Information. In no event will the Fund transmit your Personal Information via email without your consent.

Use of Personal Information

The Fund will only use Personal Information (i) as necessary to service or maintain shareholder accounts in the ordinary course of business and (ii) to support business functions of the Fund and its affiliated businesses. This means that the Fund may share certain Personal Information, only as permitted by law, with affiliated businesses of the Fund, and that such information may be used for non-Fund-related solicitation. When Personal Information is shared with the Fund's business affiliates, the Fund may do so without providing you the option of preventing these types of disclosures as permitted by law.

Safeguards regarding Personal Information

Internally, we restrict access to Personal Information to those who have a specific need for the records. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard Personal Information. Any doubts about the confidentiality of Personal Information, as required by law, are resolved in favor of confidentiality.

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